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Happiness & Joy, Derives From A Healthy Gut

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How To Benefit From Yoga, My Own Pace

For the vast majority of people, yoga is a whole other animal. It's really varied, and people who enter the field have varying expectations. Certainly that's acceptable. There is a kind of yoga for everyone, whether their aim is spiritual enlightenment, improved physical health, or the management of a specific medical condition. We hope this book will be helpful to you.

Yoga as a way of life has been around for at least 5,000 years. That tenacity that cannot be denied. Yoga is more of a philosophy or a way of life than a religion or a physical practice. The term yoga signified "unity" in ancient India. It means coming together as a whole person, soul, body, and mind.Physical positions, also known as asanas, are used to bring about this connection, although asana is only one of several forms of yoga.

 Yoga is a natural complement to meditation because of the way its postures focus on the connection between the body and the mind.Science today is only beginning to uncover yoga's numerous advantages. In addition to elevating people spiritually, it may help them overcome wide variety of sicknesses and diseases, but most notably stress, immune system abnormalities, and cardiovascular issues. It also helps you be more flexible, which may help you defy your age.

Stretching Increases Longevity

Without stretching the tendons, ligament's, vessels, muscles and everything in between. It has been documented, you lose years off your life expectancy. So if you leave our site with only acquiring one new piece of knowledge; let it be this,                                 

"by stretching on a daily bases, could in fact prolong your life".

By how long, that is totally up to you and what kind of character demand you posses.

Consumable Bitz of Advice

GoldWiz; shares with you tips on storing and retrieving data using the brain.There is also an audible copy of each PDF available on ,This shows you how to improve your memory and make your mind strongerby using simple techniques. If you consume small bitz of knowledge on3 different topics at once, its easier for your mind to store andretrieve rather than one lump sum on one.
"Information in regards to your Health, Relationships, Businessand Finance. Put together in Consumable Bitz which is easyto listen to while working out or taking time to read during lunch.
If you only intake the core facts and cut out the jam,retrieval of information is much easier, plus if you bounce back and forth,a bit of this and a bit of that makes it easier for the mind to store and retrieve.
Viable Information for success in the 3 aspects of this book.Time is short, especially in today's realm, time is just flying by like there is no tomorrow. 

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This reading give you 72 points in life, that my shed some light on a situation you may be having to deal with right now. Whether it be Love, Money, Health, Relationships. This is just a few topics we cover. Plus this book will help you with affirmations, everyone needs to know how to give themselves a pat on the back once in a while as well as giving others praise for doing a good job.

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Consumable Bitz of Advice

The person who wrote this Review, asked to be anomalous but their was an image attached.

 5 stars for the fact that it covers what it says its going to cover. The highlights which are explained in the synopsis are in fact the key triggers to the reading. They all pertain to the relevant problem at hand and if all of the information given within the reading, was applied to someone directly. In my own personal implementation of these steps. I found relief in my gut, in fact my symptoms were gone. Big improvements to my health. In fact I could very well say that I achieved;

"Happiness and Joy"


“Absolutely" Author GoldWiz & His Latest,

"Happiness and Joy" Derives from a Healthy Gut,

I actually did what the book instructed, just to see if anything would change. First, I lost 10lbs, OMG and I did not need to lose any weight but shoots, I'm looking very good or atleast this is what's being told. Although I did not have a big issue per say, with my stomach and what not.

I can tell you that I feel lighter and I feel faster when I'm running. I don't know if it was because I stopped eating lectins and my insides were able to heal, or if it was due in part by taking advantage of the 4 ingredients that were outlined to take along with a certain enzyme that my body was lacking.

How do I know this, well because if I had a steady amount of them, I would not have been feeling low on energy and constantly feeling bloated. 

I guess what I am trying to say is, Thank You GoldWiz, "I really liked your book and it was a lotta help, plus I enjoyed the 30 day test.

I have to admit, I only lasted 21 days but that was enough for me to understand that, without following the food guide and knowing which foods and vegetables to stay away from. I would not feel as good as I do right now.

Happiness and Joy Derives from a Healthy Gut

Description of eBook: Does anyone know how many Americans are having gut issues right now? It's more than 74 percent of the population in America. Something is wrong with this picture. When it comes to laws and/or rules that farmers have to follow, they are not geared toward the health of our nation. GREED, FDA BIG PHARMA- They want to treat symptoms, they're "Not Interested in Healing You." I got sick from consuming too much "whey protein." I must have come down with an allergy or something. I was miserable, at that point, and doctors could not figure it out. They told me to keep a diary of what I eat for 30 days and to try to stick with kale or spinach.

So that is what I did, while I was home not feeling well, I started researching the topic of the large and small intestines and what keeps the gut healthy. I also started following this doctor out of San Diego, who is keen on the gut and issues of the lower GI tract. Until recently, his secrets must have been patented because you could only buy what he was talking about, from his label. A couple of months ago, I found he was giving away his secret sauce in his articles. He wrote, due to the overwhelming number of people having trouble with their guts. He was putting his discovery out there for everyone, along with what he found to fuel this particular enzyme and boost its production within the gut. I applied this along with two other discoveries I found to be very beneficial to regaining my joy and happiness from a healthy gut.

By implementing what I have just spoken about, I not only found what keeps the gut healthy but also found what can heal the gut and what causes the gut to become susceptible to sickness. My research led me to create a list of foods that are not digestible and should be looked at closely when determining what you should fill your lazy Susan with. I also compiled a list of foods that do not have the same detrimental attributes as the first list of foods, but their digestion cycle is poor and should only be eaten in moderation. The next highlight would be the enzyme that has the most impact on your system when it comes to healing the inner lining of your gut, and with this enzyme, I'm providing the energy source it needs to boost its production in keeping a healthy status quo. I also provide a list of foods and vegetables that everyone thinks are "good." Plus, I name four herbs that could be considered "super herbs" for your upper and lower GI tracts.

At the end of this book, you will hear about a discovery made in 1929. The man who made this discovery should have been given recognition as "the man who cured cancer." But instead, our government ran a smear campaign on his name, calling his works "cooky," and anyone who tried to follow his work, was discouraged, and one person was even killed. All because they were aware that his discovery and invention were most effective on the human anatomy, but the FDA lacked authority and would lose enormous sums of money on the sale of pharmaceuticals and treatments. You will get to see firsthand, MRSA, Leukemia, and Breast Cancer being killed through a video microscope in under three and a half minutes at a University in California, while under scrutiny by Big Farma. This might be the most exciting book you will read for quite some time because I also provide a link to over 1,000 verified testimonials on the product that has been reverse-engineered. What sets this machine apart from the others is, "it's the only device to utilize the technology and provide signature treatment by using a DNA sample from the person being treated. DNA samples can be a fingernail, saliva, and blood. The same goes for your animals. You would provide a nail sample. This is the future for all cancer patients and would be most effective and appropriate with children.

Happiness and Joy Derives from a Healthy Gut


GoldWiz had troubles with his anatomy which caused him to go out and do his due-diligence in finding remedies to his symptoms. What he found has worked very well for him and many others.

This is what compelled him to write, "Happiness and Joy Derives From A Healthy Gut." 

He also went on a quest to find a simple remedy, meant for human anatomy.

What He Found May Astonish You, GoldWiz Wanted to Share 

It With Everyone.

"Alternative Healing"

Author GoldWiz, His pursuit in providing necessary information, that will alter the future's healthcare

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