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Happiness and Joy Derives from a Healthy Gut, Written from Personal Experience

Happiness and Joy Derives from a Healthy Gut



Author GoldWiz; Offers up his own experience, dealing with and overcoming the mysterious gut issues he had a short time ago. The reading provides you with 6 essentials that have just been discovered in recent months, most likely you have not heard of these but if you have then also pay attention to how they are taken, because it is essential to consume them in the manner stated in this reading;

Here are the items to highlight:

  •  right way to consume pro & pre-biotics
  • 4 herbs to take while taking what's outlined here
  • specific enzyme that boosts the regeneration of cells within the lining of the gut wall. Thus, healing tears in the gut wall which occur from eating certain proteins.
  • "Leaky Gut" occurs when these tears don't heal, when this happens, inflammation occurs. This is when people can have autoimmune responses. If not taken care of, can turn into autoimmune disorders.
  • People can go through their whole life not knowing why for example, "why they get eczema or psoriasis breakouts. 
  • Do The 30 Day Test, Then Implement The Essential Supplements We Uncovered, This is What Healed Author GoldWiz Gut and I'm Confident It Will Help You to.
  • Remember; We are not doctors, what I explain here is from testimonies and trial'N'error tests performed by interns and doctors at a University in California.

Reading Offers; Fun to read facts

How to Benefit From Yoga, 

My Own Pace


Fun reading to view as it is filled with facts on "Life - Health - Business - Finance - Wellness and more.


"Information in regards to your Health, Relationships, Business and Finance. Put together in Consumable Bitz which is easy to listen to while working out or taking time to read during lunch. If you only intake the core facts and cut out the jam, retrieval of information is much easier, plus if you bounce back and forth, a bit of this and a bit of that makes it easier for the mind to store and retrieve. We have put together information in regards to the topic at hand. Viable Information for success in the 3 aspects of this book. Audible allows you to listen while you work, whether it be in the gym, driving or at your leisure. Time is short, especially in today's realm, time is just flying by like there is no tomorrow..

Below are Comments From Readers

For me it was the knowledge of the foods and which foods have that particular protein the human anatomy doesn't digest. I had no clue our bodies had trouble with certain proteins. I used the list as a guide when I go to the grocery store. I feel lighter, not sluggish, another thing I didn't know is that the protein GoldWiz talks about has a tendency to coagulate along the walls of your intestines and create buildup. I guess this is due to the skeleton of the protein, it's all prickle like.

Abigail M, Honstein

I did not know the particular enzyme this book introduced. I didn't know of any boosters to consume for helping the enzyme perform. After 38 days now, I can feel the difference and I can go out for longer periods of time without worrying about a gut ache.

John & Sophie L. LousB

I read "Happiness and Joy Derives from a Healthy Gut" and It was what I was not expecting. I hoped that I would learn something new but I didn't thing that would happen. Not only did I learn something new to try but what I learned and implemented it to my daily routine. It worked. I didn't do the 30 day test as I was eager to the other things I learned.

Jodi C, Dognet

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