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Field Socks

One Size Fits All

Due To The Compression 10-15mmhg


Regularly $27  Moving inventory, The Savings is Passed onto You

First Sock with 4 attributes, helping you in being safe and undistracted

Meet Field Sock – a seriously awesome sock with features that make it a standout! It's not your ordinary sock; it's crafted to fit everyone, from size 4 to 13.5 in the USA, thanks to its unique blend of Polypropylene-Polyamide Nylon-Spandex. This sock doesn't just prioritize comfort – it's also excellent at repelling water to keep your feet dry all day.

Now, let's talk about its clever design. The sock boasts an Outer Sleeve with Upper and Lower Cuffs, making it incredibly versatile. Need to hide your shoelaces during sports or work? Piece of cake! Just roll up the laces with the lower cuff and pull down the upper cuff for added support. Concerned about elements like snow or dirt? Pull the lower cuff down over your shoe to keep it all out. Some even call this the "Gaiter Sock" – pretty cool, right?

For those who pedal their way to school or work, Field Sock has a practical side. You can fold your pant leg into the upper cuff to keep it clean and away from the bike chain. It's not just a sock; it's like a trusty companion for your daily adventures.

But wait, there's more! The upper cuff has a neat little secret – it's like a pocket. Perfect for stashing some cash when you're at a concert. Field Sock isn't just for thrilling escapades; you can wear it every day for that extra dose of comfort.

And for all you mountain bikers out there, this sock's outer sleeve offers extra cushioning. So, if your foot slips off the pedal while cruising downhill, no worries – your shins are safe!

Picture this: Imagine slipping into your Field Socks before hitting the mountain trails. With each step, you feel the comfort, and the outer sleeve provides just the right amount of cushioning. You confidently conquer the terrain, knowing your feet are well-protected and supported.

Field Sock isn't just any sock; it's the sock you've been dreaming of. Wear it whenever you want to blend comfort with style. Each pair is crafted with care, all about making your feet happy. Step into the world of Field Sock, where comfort and style join forces in the best way possible. Your feet will thank you!

According to Stripe Magazine: "Truly One of The Finest Socks Out Today"