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 Full Spectrum CBD Lip Balm | White Label | Use Our Brand "Luscious Lips"

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When purchasing wholesale, minimum 49 count at $4.88 each.

1" round .05oz cbd, Lip Balm (1-box =49 count) 


Cylinder Chapstick- When purchasing wholesale, box count is 24 

without a Delivery Apparatus box,  .05oz cbd ($4.88) X (24) 


Email us the measurements and anything else you would want us to do.

If you would like an estimate on display box for 1" round   

or the cylinder chapstick display box. 

Plus if you want us to create a logo label for you.

Wholesale | Retail 

  CBD Infused Lip Balm

We offer Infused lip balm, With or Without labeling. Send us your Logo image or just tell us the coloring and label content. We will do the rest. Look below at offerings.

Ingredients: Shea Butter | Beeswax | Peppermint  cbd+thc=Healing Both chapstick and 1" round net weight .05oz

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Information for the white labeling

Wholesale | Retail | White Labeling

~ How Do You Want It ~

CBD+THC=Luscious Lips, White Label, Retail, Wholesale

Email us, with information on {colors-font-words-anything else you think we will need}

we can create a logo label or you can send us a PDF and we will go with that

If you want display boxes there is a minimum box count.

Our Colorado CBD is unaltered; in short or full spectrum.

Meaning that we do not attempt to dilute from the retrograde oils we extract.

CBD & THC are created together within the plant.

If you strip one from the other, your basically killing the benefits it once had.

Each component will not optimize without the other.

The authorities that decide on these rules/laws, they should already know

that; "one would have to eat over 20 sticks of cbd chapstick to feel anything.

A person would become sick before feeling high. When you extract CBD

without compromising it's natural state, thus leaving the thc intact. What you have

is nothing short of a miracle plant. Its just wrong, for anyone to impose diluting

an already perfect substrate. The qualities of healing in our "lip balm"

is just to high. Full Spectrum Lip Balm. We understand that it's the government,

they do not want the people to have anything that promotes good health.

In the Holy Bible "old testament" 3 herbs are spoken about. I have found

a persons research that decodes the ancient text. One of the 3 had

explanations of being a "plant with thc qualities." The bible explains,

when these 3 are used together, they produce some kind of healing power.

Healing Power, meaning; "the process of healing came quickly"

Modern medicine says this; A study conducted at the California Pacific

Medical Center in San Francisco found that combining THC and CBD

produces more potent anti-tumor effects when tested on brain cancer

and breast cancer cell lines than either compound alone. 

 Dated: Feb 12, 2019  

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